Meet The Board

Our new lineup of Board Members & Office Staff are here to help!
  1. Eddie Essenpries
    ILHBPA President 618-318-0118 Owner Trainer Man of Many Words Chief Executive Horse Whisperer
  2. Bret Rosendohl
    Vice President 618-318-0118 Vice Horse Whisperer Owner Advocate for you, me, and our equine partners
  3. Dixie Harr
    Secretary Treasurer 618-410-5265 Chief Executive Paperwork Magician Office Ginger's Master Owner Breeder of 3 Humans and many horses
  4. Tom Basler
    314-239-4613 Missourian Equine Owner Basler of the Board
  5. Don Bentler
    618-540-8448 'The Don' Owner Thorughly Thoroughbred
  6. Patti Macari
    618-972-4964 Owner
  7. Charlie Mullins
    618-541-5653 ILHBPA Board Member NHBPA Board Member Member of all of the boards
  8. Frank Randazzo
    618-974-1752 Owner Trainer
  9. John Rednour
    618-318-0118 Owner Trainer Horse Lover
  10. Jim Watkins
    618-409-4475 Trainer Heavy Snacker "The Man with the Plan"
  11. Alyssa Randell
    217-248-7666 Social Media Director Office Assistant Dixie's Computer Whiz Token Ginger