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Illinois Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association

Election Results:

Jim Watkins - 49
Owner Directors: Mike Moore - 31 Jamie Gavilsky - 24 Nick Angelou - 14 David Warchol - 30 Patti Macari - 34 Duane Wells - 29 Brian Cutsinger - 12 Cynthia Rush - 33 Trainer Directors: Harry Lynch - 34 Don Bentler - 17 Scott Becker - 43 John Wainwright - 34 Tim Hughes - 43 John Rednour - 29 Kelly Ackerman - 16 Kevin Wilborn – 25 Gerald Butler – 8 Owners: Mike Moore, David Warchol, Patti Macari, Duane Wells, Cynthia Rush Trainers: Harry Lynch, Scott Becker, John Wainwright, Tim Hughes, John Rednour

Election Update

The following message comes from the Board of Directors in response to some confusion about the current election:

Please be advised that the election is moving forward as planned.

Do not discard your ballots.

If you have lost or discarded your ballot please contact Alyssa at: [email protected]

The nomination and election process were followed as mandated by the by-laws with one exception.

Pursuant to the by-laws, an owner nominee must have at least three starts in the two seasons prior to the election year (2021 & 2020).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and government mandates, 2020 was a shortened race season.

This was reflected in the fact that half of the owners who were nominated did not meet the requirement for race starts in 2020.

This would have resulted in vacancies on the next board. All owner nominees met the requirements for race starts in 2021.

The same issue did not arise for the trainer nominees.

The National HBPA had no objection to relaxing the requirement as it pertained to owner nominees for the 2020 season.

No other changes were made.

If you are an owner who did not seek nomination for election based on the belief that you had an insufficient number of starts in 2020, please contact Alyssa or Jim Watkins no later than 5pm on Monday, August 22.

Finally, the deadline to submit your ballot has been extended one week. All ballots must be received no later than August 31. Thank you.

Email alyssa for any ballot needs/questions/concerns: [email protected] 
Contact Jim Watkins via phone: 618-409-4475
 A condensed message will be sent via text - you may also reply to that with any information. Thank You! 

2022 Purse Structure

Purse Structure Plus Bonus - which has
NOT been reflected in the new books.

2022 Stall Applications Available in the Racing Office & HBPA Offices Now! 

Election 2022

Nomination Meeting 4/27

There will be a Nomination Meeting
held on Wednesday April 27th at 6pm in the HBPA Lounge. 

General Election
Meeting 4/28

There will be a General Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 28th at 6pm in the HBPA Lounge. 

IL HBPA withholds consent for TwinSpires to be in state; Asks racing board to weigh in following Arlington closure

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