Text Updates - If you are not subscribed: Please do so by calling the HBPA Office and requesting to be added to the list. Thank You! 

March 2022
03/24/22 - Dumping - Per Mgmt: Dumpsters Must NOT be Over-Filled. Lids must be able to close. If trash does not fit inside dumpster, find another to use. Thank You
03/17/22 - Safety - No Driving on the Main Road during training hours. Please follow signage and drive slowly in all other areas. Thank You
03/17/22 - Safety - Reminder: Please Do Not Drive through the barn area during training hours. Horses have the right of way. Safety First!
03/15/22 - Break - Tomorrow: Wednesday, March 16th the break will be longer than usual to allow for watering of the track. Thank you
03/15/22 - Work - There will be an informational meeting Today , March 15th at 2pm in the HBPA Lounge for anyone interested in a temporary labor job for cash. Please be present at the meeting for all information. Trainers, please let all employees know in case they are interested and don't receive texts. Thank You.
03/14/22 - Books - Condition Books are now available in the HBPA Office. These books do NOT reflect the purse increase, but a flyer is available to explain updates. This paperwork has also been posted on our website. Thank You!
03/11/220 - Licensing - 2022 IRB License Hours before Opening Day are as follows: Wed: 4/13 - 9a-3p, Thurs: 4/14 - 9a-3p, Fri: 4/15 9a-3p. Monday: 4/18 - 11a-5p. Please get your license early to avoid the rush. Opening Day: 4/19/22 Hours will be 9a-3pm.
03/11/22 - Training - The track should be ready by 9am to train today. Tomorrow, however, there will be no training. Be safe.
03/09/22 - Trainers - There will be an informational meeting for Trainers Today: Wednesday, March 9th at 11am in the HBPA Lounge for those who can make it.
03/07/22 - Work - If you would like to make extra money after training hours doing labor, please come add your name to the list in the HBPA Office with Alyssa. Thank You
03/07/22 - Info - Don Kerrone's funeral procession will be going through the barn area for his final ride after 1pm. Please be advised. The new condition book is available in the HBPA Office and the Racing Office. Thank You.
03/06/22 - Water - Monday, March 7th at 7am the water will be shut off for a short amount of time. Thank You.
03/05/22 - Training - Starting Monday, March 7th: We will be training 6 days a week - Monday through Saturday. Starting Gates will be open Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.
03/05/22 - Safety - There is No Driving down the main road during training for the safety of horses and horsemen. Thank You.
03/04/22 - Kerrone - Long time trainer Don Kerrone passed away this week. Funeral details have been posted online. . Mr. Kerrone's family would like to invite all horsemen to come to the front parking lot for his final farewell. Please join us on March 7th in the front parking lot at FanDuel. Mr. Kerrone's procession is due to arrive at 1:15pm. Thank You
03/03/22 - Stall List - The Stall List is available online at www.ilhbpa.com and in the HBPA Office. Thank You
03/01/22 - Training - We will be training tomorrow, Wednesday March 2nd at 9am.
03/01/22 - Update - After much deliberation, FanDuel has agreed to a purse increase over what has been shown on the online condition book. Details to follow.

February 2022

02/25/22 - Info - Certified Animal Chiropractor, Dr. Ren Bleem will be at Fairmount Park on 3/1. If you need animal chiropractic, please call Melanie at 309-543-4341 to make arrangements. 
02/23/22 - Chiropractor - Certified Animal Chiropractor, Dr. Ren Bleem will be at Fairmount Park tomorrow morning. If you need animal chiropractic, please call Melanie at 309-543-4341 to make arrangements. We expect to be there about 9:30-10:00 depending on the weather. Thank you!
02/22/22 - Training - Due to the cold temperatures no training until further notice. Thank you.
02/20/22 - Training - The track will be open tomorrow: February 21st at 9am for training.
02/17/22 - Training - There will be No Training Friday (2/18) or Saturday (2/19). Please stay safe.
02/16/22 - Apps - Stall applications for FanDuel are due tomorrow, February 17th. Thank you!
02/16/22 - Training -Today: Wednesday, February 16th: The track will be open from 9a-1:30p with a break at 11am. Thank You!
02/15/22 - Training - Today, Tuesday February 15th: The track will be OPEN from 11:30am-1:30pm. Train at your own risk. Thank you.
02/14/22 -  Track - The track appears to be ready for training tomorrow, Tuesday February 15th! Hooray
02/10/22 - Update - The Track is still being worked on to prepare for use as soon as possible. We hope to be open next week, please stay tuned. Reminder: Stall apps for FanDuel are Due on February 17th. One Week From Today. Thank You.
02/05/22 - Hawthorne - The Hawthorne Condition Book for the Spring Meet beginning April 2, 2022 is available at Hawthorne's website.
02/02/22 - Track - Per Mgmt: The track will be closed until further notice. Thank You.
02/01/22 - EugeneYoung - We are saddened to hear the passing of long-time HBPA President, Eugene Young. Obituary is available on our website.

January 2022
01/31/22 - Water - Per Mgmt: Today: Monday, January 31st. The water will be off temporarily between 11am and 12:30pm approximately. Thank You
01/31/22 - Stall Apps - Stall Apps for 2022 Racing are due by Feb. 17th. Hawthorne Racing Applications are available online and in the HBPA Office
01/30/22 -  Track - There will be No Training tomorrow, January 31st. The track will be open Tuesday at 9am. Thank You
01/24/22 - Track - The track will be Closed this week, January 24-30th. Thank You.
01/21/22 - Training - There will be no training next week due to weather. Thank You. 
01/21/22- Water Leak - There is a water leak near the old shed row. The water will be turned off at some point today to fix the issue. Thank You.
01/18/22 - Stall Apps -  2022 Stall Applications are available in the Racing office and the HBPA Office. Applications are Due February 17, 2022.
01/15/22 - Track Conditions - The track is Open Today: Saturday, January 15. The track will be closed next week due to weather. Thank You.
01/14/22 - Track -  There will be NO Training Today: Friday, January 14th. We will update on track conditions tomorrow. Thank You.
01/13/22 - Track update - The track will open at 9am today. The outside of the track is still frozen. Be Safe. Train at your own risk. Thank You
01/12/22 - Track Update -  The Track is being worked on for training tomorrow. It is unclear what hours/times it will be available yet, so please stay tuned. Updates will be sent as soon as they are received. Thank You.
01/08/22 - Training - Due to expected weather and track conditions there will be No Training on Monday 1/10, and Tuesday 1/11. Thank You
01/04/22 - Lounge - The heat in the HBPA Lounge. Please use alternate areas for warmth until it is fixed
01/03/22 - Training - Due to track conditions, there will be no training this week. Updates will be made as soon as available. Thank you!

December 2021

12/21/21 – Safety - There were a handful of barns vandalized last night. Please keep an eye out for anything that seems out of the ordinary. If you see someone being destructive, please contact Collinsville Police or FanDuel Security ASAP. Please report any damages and any persons of concern. Thank You for your Assistance.
12/21/21 – Access – Per FanDuel Management: Due to the New Attendance Rules, Starting Monday December 20th there will be No Driving Allowed through the ‘Horsemen’s Gate’ by the HBPA Office. Additionally: Please Limit Driving on the Backside During Training Hours. Thank You
12/17/21 – Trainer Meeting: There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, December 21st after training (12:30pm) in the HBPA Lounge. All owners and trainers available are welcome to join for a brief update on recent events. Thank You.
12/17/21 – Training: Starting Monday, December 20th: Training will be 8am-12:30pm with Break from 10-10:30am. Also note: We Will Be Training Wednesday December 22nd instead of Saturday, December 25th and Wednesday, December 29th instead of January 1, 2022. Thank You. Happy Holidays! 
12/12/21 - McEwen: Our prayers are with the McEwen Family after the loss of Austin McEwen in the Amazon tragedy. We have the family GoFundMe link on our Facebook and websites. 
12/7/21 - Holiday Meal: There will be a Holiday Meal at 12pm on Tuesday, December 14th in the HBPA Lounge

November 2021
11/30/21 - Starting Gates: Today, Tuesday November 30th is the Last Day to use Starting Gates through the end of the holidays. We will update new days/hours as they are updated. Thank You!
11/26/21 - Training: There will be NO Training Today, Friday November 26th Due to Track Conditions. Thank You. 
11/24/21 - Reminder: Today there will be a lunch provided by FanDuel in the HBPA Lounge at Noon. There will be no training tomorrow for the holiday. Thank You.
11/20/21 - Entries Next Week: Please note: Due to the Holiday, the entry schedule has changed this week at Hawthorne. We will enter Monday for Saturday and Tuesday for Sunday.
11/18/21 - Update: Today was a big day for Illinois Horsemen. The Illinois Gaming Board approved the casino partnership at today's meeting. We are looking forward to the upcoming changes and will update as we get information. 
11/16/21 - Training: There will be No Training on Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving Day). There Will be training on  Wednesday, November 24th instead. Thank You. 
11/15/21 - Horsemen: Congratulations to our FanDuel Horsemen: Steve Manley won 4 races yesterday at Hawthorne, vaulting to the lead trainer standing. Scott Becker and Charles "Chuck" Ritter combined for their 3rd stakes victory of the meet!!
11/9/21 - Per Track Management: No Horses in Round Pens Until After Training Hours. Thank You. 
11/4/21 - I55 Chicago Closures: There are weekend road closures on I-55 in Chicago, details are posted on: www.getaroundillinois.com - Please be cautious while traveling this weekend and prepare for closures. Full update posted on our website www.ilhbpa.com and Facebook. Thank You. 
11/4/21 - Clocker: Saturday, November 6th the Clocker will Only Be Available Until 8am. Please prepare accordingly. Thank You.